Innocence Trashed

Before I begin this post, let me just say I in no way mean any disrespect to the victims or the families involved in the stories I am about to discuss. On the contrary, my heart breaks for them and I pray that the Lord provides them with the comfort and wisdom they so desperately need. These are indeed tragic stories that are becoming all too common, which is why I feel led to speak out for the innocence that is being lost. I can only assume that each family would hope for some good to come from these tragic events, if only in the form of lessons from which we can all learn.


As I stated above, there is a recurring tragedy plaguing America. Innocence is being shredded and basic decency thrown out the window.

We all have heard of the young girl who was allegedly raped and carried around by male peers (while passed out from drunkenness) as her classmates stood by and did nothing to help her. We’ve all seen the photo of the poor girl (again, while seemingly unconscious) was picked up by her ankles and arms while the guys holding her grinned. Someone. actually. took. that. picture.

Google “girl raped by boys at party” and see how many results there are, but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.

Today’s headlines share the story of a California girl (15) who was assaulted while passed out at a party. Photos were taken and posted online. She was so horrified she hung herself 8 days later.

Fifteen years old! The law says she isn’t yet old enough to drive, let alone drink, yet there she was, drunk at a party. I am not blaming this girl, please believe that. I am not really blaming her parents, per se, rather our immoral, indifferent culture that pays no regard whatsoever to the value of innocence and decency!

It is good that the boys involved in the two cases mentioned above have been arrested. Too little too late, in my opinion.

How did we get here? At what point did it become common for children to behave like drunken co-eds? When did our homes become frat houses? WHERE ARE ALL THE ADULTS?? Out buying the liquor that puts their children in these compromising positions? Where are they???!!!

Could we possibly sink any lower as a culture, when our children witness such heinous behavior and their only concern is who can get the pics or video up on Facebook the quickest? Really? Have we really become that self-absorbed, indifferent and narcissistic?

It is a sad commentary on our society. Parents are not protecting the innocence of their children. They are not teaching their sons to protect and respect girls. Why not? Is it because they want to be cool parents? Or are they just too involved in their own lives to give any thought to the whereabouts or integrity of their children? Are they thinking, “Being a teenager is hard enough without me adding the pressure and humiliation that may come from me telling them they cannot do this or that”. Guess what parents!!! The part of the brain that allows us to adequately predict consequences is not fully developed until the age of twenty-five. Explains the foolishness that goes on on college campuses doesn’t it? Well, you cannot control what your adult child does, but you can your children. It is so important to begin early, teaching them how to make wise decisions.

Not only are we dropping the ball in keeping them safe, but we also do a horrible job of teaching empathy and the courage to do the right thing in tough circumstances, even if it means doing it alone. How come none of the witnesses in these stories felt compelled to step in and defend the helpless?

The whole scenario gives testimony that these kids were not mature enough to handle the situation they were in. That isn’t their fault. From the time they were old enough to play, they’ve been imitating adult behavior. Unfortunately, we adults are lousy role models.


Fortunately, there is Someone who is the ultimate role model. His name is Jesus Christ. He’s Father to the fatherless, Help to the helpless. He can heal your broken heart and repair your broken life. He gives hope and peace. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life in a world that is lost, deceived and dying. To know more about the wonderful Savior or if you would like prayer, please email me, leave me a comment, and/or check out the tab above “Are You Ready”. Jesus does love you and He is the answer to any problem you may be facing. Really.

Blessings and Maranatha!