Boston Bombing a False Flag?

Could accusations of the Boston bombing being “set up” by the US government be just the imaginations of conspiracy theorists or could there be some truth to it? I read an interesting article last night concerning this and want to share it with you here. Keep in mind, the style of writing is…..passionate. I do not agree with the author’s criticism of Bostonians for allowing the police to search their homes (though I agree ‘at gunpoint’ was a bit too much). It does seem a bit dramatic to shut down an entire town for one injured teenage boy, but still I am not going to criticize citizens who are in emotional shock and turmoil. I’ve read several articles by this author and she has always struck me as passionate and having had done her research. Judge for yourselves.

After reading  “Congratulations Boston”, come on back here and let me know what you think. Are they wild imaginings, plausable or do they file under “you’d be an idiot not to believe it”? Let me know.