American Public Schools Should Focus on Academics


School forces all girls to lesbian kiss

Boys get lessons in how to spot ‘sluts’

Ofcourse the parents were not notified of this planned presentation. This is just too outrageous. Let’s see, I read recently where American students are “behind” academically, compared to other nations. Perhaps publics schools would benefit from focusing on that instead of this garbage.

I’m telling you people! They are out to steal our children and rob them of their innocence and childhood. All in the name of politically correct tolerance. Now I have a headache.

3 thoughts on “American Public Schools Should Focus on Academics

  1. I am a little reluctant to call public education “stealing our children” or “robbing” them of innocence. Not all public schools are cesspools and lots of great Christians teach in our schools. I for one am not out to rob anybody’s children.

    Also, as a teacher who has taught in two different countries, nations such as S. Korea tend to throw out the “fluff” that is evident in American education. I think what the USA needs is to crack down and stop talking about reform and getting straight to work. One example would be tossing out teaching boys to identify sluts. That would be a great start.


    1. Individual teachers-at least many of them, and probably MOST from around here-may not be out to steal our children but the “progressive” agenda is. It will become more and more apparent as time goes on.”
      We definitely need to focus on academics and AT THE VERY LEAST notify and get permission from parents before teaching anything like “identifying sluts”. We parents have to sign a release form in order for the nurse to give our child a Tylenol, but the same child can request birth control or get help with an abortion and we are kept in the dark.
      Living in what is left of the Bible belt, we in KY are SOMEWHAT oblivious to what is happening in schools in other parts of the country. Christian values are not held in disdain here, even by unbelievers, as they are in other areas.

      On a personal note, good to hear from you Sarah. Time is counting down for your return! I am sure you will let us know when you decide (find out) what you’ll be doing next.



      1. Thanks! It’s bittersweet and I’ll miss Korea for sure. I have a feeling I’ll be back in a few years though. I have a few leads on jobs, but nothing on lock yet (except the substitute position for Danville Independent Schools – holla!).

        I think you’re right about a majority of teachers. I also think that many progressive organizations tend to “bully” their way into the public schools, too. I haven’t witnessed it, but I’ve surely read about it.


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