Sending up prayers!


Getting into the fields is not going to be easy for many farmers, who now have to rethink what, where and how they are going to plant, if at all. We have over 16 inches of snow right here and another 5 or so on the way according to forecast AND may have more next week?

This amount of snow will take a while to melt, and will keep the ground cold. Let alone make the fields wet, and they must dry out to get the larger tractors and equipment in the fields to plant. This means next week at the earliest, or May 6-10th, very late up here to plant and get a harvest before we have an early frost. Stealth Famine is not so stealthy anymore. I want to show you a short clip from Cliff High concerning the food issue for 2013 – not that their dating…

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Mysterious Hebrew stone displayed in Jerusalem

Mysterious Hebrew stone displayed in Jerusalem

The Gabriel Stone… neat!

Just Tell It To Me Straight

I don’t know about you, but I am finding it increasingly more difficult to wade through all the….bodily waste….that is thrown my way on a daily basis.

If I turn on the news or visit news sights, I want only one thing: THE NEWS. I don’t want catchy headlines meant to create an emotion within me before I even read the article or see the clip. Just deliver the news. If you have photos of inside Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” it should read, “Photos inside Gosnell’s clinic”, not “Shocking Photos inside the House of Horrors”. Furthermore, don’t use carefully placed verbage in an effort to brainwash me into supporting your propaganda.

I know. News outlets are ultimately in it to make money. The more shocking or emotion-filled a headline is, the more it sells. It is just a shame. I also realize there is no unbiased passing on of facts in journalism anymore. Everybody’s got an agenda. What a shame they can’t just tell it to us straight and allow us to form our own opinions.

This rings true in my personal life as well. No body wants to offend anyone so everything is sugar-coated or ignored altogether. I have often told people I could never get mad at someone who is honest, even if I don’t “like” what they say. If we have a problem, tell me. Don’t whisper behind my back to a third-party. I try to extend this courtesy to others, which of course usually results in offending someone.

Why do we have such a difficult time with the truth and sincerity? Why do we feel so obligated to not offend when speaking the truth could be so much more beneficial to the hearer? Why do WE get offended at the truth? Questions to ponder this fine Thursday.




Back to sleep you good little sheep,
Hide your eyes from danger.

Never mind those things you’ve heard,
The world is now your savior.

For the One that bought you,
You’ve since rejected,
His commandments are no more.

You do your will and not the Father’s,
Forget what’s come before.

For all is well and always will be,
No need to get upset.

Your god is love and nothing more,
So why should you repent?

Consider this my sleepy ones,
The Bible is all true.

He said He would,
Come again,
To judge both me and you!

The clock is ticking… The KING is coming!

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