Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father

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Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father.

You are the Problem….Crucify the Flesh or Perish

OK, this is a real street preacher. Maybe you don’t like him, but listen to his words because he’s telling the truth. Jesus means business.
This is on my heart today…”Unforgiveness and the Chastening of the Father”
Have you ever been chastened by the Lord? I have, and let me tell you, when the Father chastens you, you will certainly not enjoy it. But Jesus chastens his true children in love just as His Holy scriptures say.

Have you ever held unforgiveness in your heart toward someone for a perceived offense, or even for a real one? Be honest now. Have you? I have. It takes a searching of the heart where sometimes these sins are deeply hidden, even from ourselves. And we may try to deny it, but Jesus searches the deep things of…

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