Pakistan: Suspected Islamist Gunmen Attack Polio Team For Administering ‘Un-Islamic’ Vaccine

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For peaceful purposes …

Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty – “Pakistani officials say gunmen attacked a polio vaccination team in the country’s northwest, killing a policeman who was escorting the health workers.

The group was assaulted on May 20 in the Bajur tribal area, one of Pakistan’s seven tribal areas along the Afghan border.

A local official said more than 600 teams are taking part in the latest campaign in Bajur to vaccinate 220,000 children against the crippling disease.

It is unclear whether the campaign, which had already been postponed due to previous attacks, will continue.

No one has claimed responsibility.

In December, gunmen killed at least nine polio workers in separate attacks in Pakistan.

Some Pakistani militants oppose the polio vaccination campaign, accusing health workers of acting as spies for the United States and claiming the vaccine harms Muslim children.” Source – Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty.

Flashback: Muslim Cleric Says…

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Egypt: Over 20,000 Muslims Shouting ‘Allah Is Greater’ Attack Church With Guns And Bricks Near Alexandria

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AINI – “The escalation of Muslim attacks on Christian churches in Egypt continues unabated. This week two attacks were carried out, one in Alexandria and one in Menbal in Upper Egypt — both allegedly prompted by harassment of Muslim women. Yesterday the church of St. Mary, in the Dakhela district, west of Alexandria, was attacked by Molotov cocktails and bricks, causing the gate to burn and the breaking of most of the stained glass windows. One Copt was killed and several injured.

According to the official police explanation, the Copt Basem Ramzy Michael was seen by the Muslim Hamada Alloshy, a registered criminal, allegedly extending his body from his balcony to gaze at the flat of Alloshy’s sister, who lives on the ground floor. A quarrel broke out and when the church was attacked, hundreds of Copts hurried to the area to defend the church, among whom was 36-year-old Sedky…

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Reality Promptly Smacks Young Israelis In The Face After Engaging In ‘Interfaith Dialogue’ With Palestinian Muslims

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If only reality would promptly smack the media and Western leadership just as hard …

By Shoebat Foundation – “We’d like to take a moment and vent to our readers, who will likely feel like venting themselves. For years, we – and others – have been screaming that the Palestinians have no interest in peace and it doesn’t matter what the Israelis offer (unless the offer includes mass suicide).

Now this from Lital Shemesh, via the Jewish Times:

I participated in the Dialogue for Peace Project for young Israelis and Palestinians who are politically involved in various frameworks. The project’s objective was to identify tomorrow’s leaders and bring them closer today, with the aim of bringing peace at some future time.

The project involved meetings every few weeks and a concluding seminar in Turkey.

On the third day of the seminar after we had become acquainted, had removed barriers, and…

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Time Well Spent

I need no more convincing that we are in the last days.  For those of you who would agree, I present this question: What are you doing to make the most of the time we have left this side of eternity?

Do you recall that country song, “Live like you were dying”? It tells a story about a guy who was told he had X amount of time left and what he did with it. He went skydiving, mountain climbing, rode a bull and mended broken relationships. He suggested we all “live like (we) are dying” .

While all the things mentioned in the song are exciting and note-worthy, they do not compare to the thrills that await us upon entering the presence of the Lord. With that being said, what are you doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for that glorious meeting? Are your “last days” thoughts centered around “just waiting” while continuing in the same ol’ same ol’? Or, are they focused on the Kingdom-in building it up and serving it so you may have a crown to lay at the Lord’s feet?

Have you given much thought to the eternal destination of those within your circle of influence? I mean REALLY given it much thought. If you truly believe the Bible is the True Word of God, and what is written in it is indeed True then you know this is not a game. Nothing is more serious nor more important! Eternal souls are at stake and the enemy is working double overtime to devour whom he can.

Are we asleep in a foxhole, while the war rages around us, or are we actively engaged in the largest (and most important) battle for all time?

If ever there was a time to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) and walk in the Spirit it is NOW. Do not be conformed to the ways of the world. Toss away all inhibitions about being intolerant or politically incorrect and do not fear offending someone. Did Jesus fear offending people? He sure did NOT. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind and you will know the perfect will of God. (Romans 12)

Now obviously we cannot ram the Gospel down people’s throats, but nor should we bite our tongues when the Spirit is nudging us to speak Truth.  If someone’s house is on fire and a fireman enters the home to discover a family peacefully asleep in bed, will he think to himself, “aw, if I wake them up it would disturb their peaceful sleep so I’ll just leave them alone and hope they wake up on their own and realize what is happening”. Of course not!

Well folks, there are people we know who are in a burning house, blissfully unaware of the flames licking about. Are we so cruel to not try as we might to save them? (Now before you email me…yes, I know Jesus is who saves). We are called to be firemen, rescuing souls by bringing them into contact with the Living Water.

So, again….how are you spending these last days? Is it time well spent?