Breaking News: Muslims behead a soldier in G.B.

Reports state that two men with machetes chased down and beheaded a man in a street in Woolwich, Great Britain. The men were shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

Police shot the attackers, who are now in hospital.

See BBC footage and report here.

Thank you to Midnight Watcher Blog for sharing this story.

Centering Prayer (Contemplative Prayer)

By the Blood of the Lamb

This wickedness is very subtle, but is spreading throughout some of the Christian churches. I myself, just escaped such a church here in Amarillo, Texas. This is another layer of the deception being promoted by the kingdom now/preterist/emerging church crowd. If you encounter this and find that you are the only one who wishes to separate from this, RUN AWAY! These folks will easily believe the strong delusion that is coming. They already operate in a false reality based on a false gospel. Seek The Lord for descernment, and be blessed in Jesus’ name!

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