The Eyes Have It


Dr. Doug Borchman is a scientist who has studied the human eye for many years. Though formerly an atheist, Dr. Borchman has come to believe in a God who created the world and wanted to have a relationship with him. Borchman says, “I believe God gave us science to show He exists. One hundred years ago, we didn’t have the tools to see all this. Science tells us there must be something else. It takes an intelligent designer to produce the level of complexity in our world. The cornea, lens, retina, nerves, connections are ridiculously complex. There is so much to know. For an eye to be able to see, all the basic components must be present at the same time and work together perfectly.”

Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary theory, understood how difficult it is to apply evolution to the eye. He said, “…that the eye…could have been…

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