Observing the battle

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The whole world has its eye on the middle east.  This is par for the course and nothing new per se, but with the Syrian civil war now adding global support on both sides (Russia backing Assad, America backing the rebels) there is talk of whether this will escalate into WWIII. On the one hand, we have reports that Assad must be removed because of evil acts. On the other, Assad supporters (such as Russia’s Putin) warn Americans that the U.S. is supporting evil people who celebrate with cannibalistic rituals. This leaves the every day Joe wondering, “Just who ARE the good guys?”

We true-blooded Americans have the ideal that there is always a “good vs evil” in every conflict. We want to rally behind the “good guys”, who are often the underdogs. We want to champion the cause of Freedom and  knock the bullies down a notch or two. With the death of Saddam, Americans rejoiced. We celebrated the demise and conquering of a man who committed such evil atrocities, against his own people. The same with Bin Laden, who we were told was ultimately behind the 9/11 deaths. These are examples that seem to have a clear good-guy-bad-guy situation.

As Christians, particularly those who follow Bible prophecy, we know there is indeed a war of good vs evil. This war is invisible to the human eye, being spiritual in nature. satan (remember I never capitalize his name) and his minions are battling in opposition against the Heavenly Hosts and the Great I AM. We know this. With our spiritual lenses focused, we can see this on a grand scale and even on a “smaller” scale in our every day lives.

This brings me back to Syria. Let’s lay aside the fact that there are probably countless numbers of Americans who have no idea what is going on in Syria, that the U.S. has agreed to support the rebels, or even CARE. Laying them aside, how many Americans assume that because the U.S. has decided to support the rebels that the rebels must be the “good guys”? The major leaders of the world discuss the best course of action. The talking heads of the news networks debate the ins and outs. As if any of them, Obama included, has any real say about the outcome.

This is naiveté in a purest form. There are no good guys in the Syrian conflict. It is a case where demons are battling demons. God is watching as the rulers of the darkness wallow in their hate, pride and arrogance, lashing out at one another. He is watching. The book has already been written. The outcome determined. It is all coming to pass exactly as He declared.

His watchmen, meanwhile, just need to be about the kingdom’s work-sounding the alarms-while observing in awe the prophesied Word of God become a current reality.


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