A look at Pergamum, or the seat of satan

After viewing/listening to the PPSIMMONS report on “the seat of satan”, I became very intrigued. I reblogged my source here, which contains the link to the report.

After a thoroughly interesting search as to the history of the city of Pergamos /Pergamum(you may recall that Pergamum is one of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation), I thought I’d share some of what I found.

A brief history of Pergamum:

It was located in what is now known as Bergama, Turkey.  It was the center for emperor worship and a home to temples of idolatry during the Roman empire.

Jesus refers to it in Revelation 2:13 as satan’s throne, where satan dwells.

Now, Babylon has been commonly viewed as the original dwelling place of satan, dating all the way back to Cush, the son of Ham. Cush’s son Nimrod is who developed it into a powerful kingdom. It’s original name is Babel; we all know the story of “the tower of Babel”. It is thought that before Cush, particularly his son Nimrod, there was only one religion-recognition and worship of the One True God. Nimrod’s arrogance and determination to establish his own religion was proven successful. Thus, the birth of now two religions: One True God and Babel’s rebellious religion; which we know to be the original satan worship. Babylon’s spreading of science (which was welded with its religion) to Egypt catapulted this worship of satan throughout the rest of the world-taking on various forms and names of course.  When Babylon was invaded by the Persians, the priests found refuge in Pergamum-taking their religious practices with them. In 133 b.c. Pergamum king Attalus III bequeathed the city, its religion etc to Rome in his will.

Quoting from bible.org:

When the Babylonian cult of the Magians was driven out of Babylon, they found a haven in Pergamum.

Pay close attention to the next quote! It may not be news to some of you, but I’m still new at this and find it most intriguing:

The title of the Magian high priest was “Chief Bridge Builder” meaning the one who spans the gap between mortals and Satan and his hosts. In Latin this title was written “Pontifex Maximus,” the title now used by the Pope. This title goes all the way back to Babylon and the beginnings of the mother-child cult under Nimrod of Genesis 10 and his wife Sumerimus. Later, Julius Caesar was elected Pontifex Maximus and when he became Emperor, he became the supreme civil and religious ruler and head of Rome politically and religiously with all the power and functions of the Babylonian pontiff.

!!!! Read the full historical summary here.

If you had not known this connection before, it is shocking to say the least. But I digress.

So, satan’s seat was moved from Babylon to Pergamum when the Babylonian priests fled there.

In 1901 the Pergamum temple was moved to Berlin, as part of a museum. Thus, some speculate that satan’s dwelling place was thus moved to Berlin. In 2008, our illustrious commander-in-chief erected a replica for his presidential nomination acceptance speech at the DNC in Denver.

No, I am not saying satan now dwells in Denver-so don’t even go there.

In fact, before today I had never even given Revelation 2:13 any thought. It does make sense, however.  After all, the Spirit of God dwelled in Holy of Holies. satan, the great imitator and god wannabe would naturally choose for himself a similar earthly dwelling.

Does the father of lies continue to dwell in the Pergamum temple? I’m certainly in no position to say. What I do know, that since Babel and the spread of its false religions throughout the ages-satan really is the prince of this world and the signs of his rule grow more apparent every day.


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