When Looking Up, We need to Look Down

As my heart’s gaze remains ever fixed on the return of Jesus, I am reminded that while I am looking up I MUST NOT forget to look down.  You see, “down” is where my privileged duty resides.  I am talking about those adorable little people that call me “Mom”, “Mama” and “Mommy”.  I cannot become so caught up in world events that point to the obvious end of times that I neglect to perform the specific service that the Lord has granted me.

Motherhood. Creating a Home. Nurturing Souls. Pointing wee ones to the One who loves them even more than I do.

On my way to looking down, I MUST pause a moment straight ahead….taking care to nurture the man God gifted me to care, provide and love me. That man, without whom, I would not have a need to “look down”.

This is MY greatest form of service:

J and kids sweet

Published by marciasettles

A simple American woman trying to speak out for Truth and give glory to God in these last days.

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