Some thoughts about Islam, Prophecy and End-times

Consider this a brainstorming post, if you will. As I gather more research and information, my opinions here might change. If/when they do, I will let you know.

Evidence seems to be building concerning Islam’s role in end-time events. The likelihood that the antichrist will be Imam al Mahdi is increasing in my mind. Many prophecy scholars that I would consider “mentors” believe that the antichrist will NOT be of muslim origin, for reasons I will explain later. I find myself having to disagree.

If there ever was an ideology/religion birthed by satan it is Islam. It is the greatest delusion of our time, rivaling even atheism. Allow me to consider the following points:

*satan wants to be worshiped as God

*satan despises God’s people, the Jews.

*satan hates the bride of Christ, true followers of Jesus, the Son of God

*he continues to gnash his teeth at what Jesus did on the cross, and that He rose again conquering death and sin

*he roams around, seeking whom he may devour

*he is the father of lies and the master of deception


Islam is the perfect satanic religion.  he is worshiped as god, by the name of allah. he does not care by what name or in what form, so long as the One True God is denied. Anyone who does not follow Jesus, follows satan by default. Period.

Islam denies Jesus as the Son of God. It hates all infidels, all those who do not submit to allah: the Jews first, as well as Christians.

“They” say Islam is a religion of peace. “They” say the butchers we read about in the news are radicals and that true muslims do not condone such violent actions. It is true that there are many peaceful, kind, generous, loving muslims in the world today. There are some, maybe MOST westernized muslims (as in converts in America, American citizens etc) who sincerely believe theirs is a religion of peace and they themselves are nice, friendly people who work hard and do good in the community.

Nevertheless, they are deceived.  Once again, satan does not care how he is worshiped so long as Christ is NOT. He has a hayday with those willing to murder in his name (or Allah’s), but he is also satisfied with the nice ones. It is the nice ones that make it so appealing, so….not evil…in the eyes of the world.

Keeping all this in mind, satan wants to be worshiped. he wants to rule. Enter the twelfth imam; the muslim messiah.

All the “educated ignorant” of the world will be first amazed and then convinced that islam prophecy is being fulfilled upon the arrival of the messiah and hear that the era of peace has arrived, amid all the signs and wonders performed by the son of perdition. Followers of Jesus will of course have been raptured by this point. antichrist will explain it as Allah’s way of cleansing the world of the hateful, blasphemous Christians. How he’ll explain the disappearance of all the innocent children remains to be seen, but I’m sure he’ll come up with a “logical” explanation.

Take a moment to read this post and watch the video below.  Let me know your thoughts and I’ll post more as I organize my thoughts and do more research. I know there are readers of this blog that have more experience in studying prophecy and world events and I appreciate your input as well as your insights as revealed in your blogs.


4 thoughts on “Some thoughts about Islam, Prophecy and End-times

  1. I simply cannot understand why you all believe that there will be a war among religions, the war will be in Good and evil. As for Muslims Quran and Hadith clearly states that Jesus son of Mary will lead them to salvation. the only difference between Muslims and Christians is that Muslims believe in the “First Commandment “. If Jesus will be mad at some one it will be the people who nailed HIM (the chosen ppl) why would he (Jesus) be against Muslims. Just food for thought.

    One hadith also suggests that Imam Mahdi might be another name for Jesus.

    And don’t you worry HE is here. Like a thief , He will come Quickly. The Person chosen by God to play Jesus in the end times has been selected. “The best among st you will be chosen”, the angels of God have started announcing HIM just like the last time. You will see HIM in 2013. remember His appearance and His announcement are two different matters so don’t be confused about the two different incidents.


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