Al-Qaeda Leader Calls For ‘Victims And Sacrifices’ In Egypt To Create Islamist State, ‘The Battle Isn’t Over, It Has Just Started’

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By Nouran El-Behairy, Daily News Egypt – “Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri commented on the current events in Egypt in a video released online, in which he criticised Islamists for losing power and not uniting to implement Sharia.

‘The battle isn’t over, it has just started…the Islamic nation should offer victims and sacrifices to achieve what it wants and restore power from the corrupt authority governing Egypt,’ Al-Zawahiri said.

He said that the struggle in Egypt was clear, claiming that secular groups united with the church and empowered by ‘Mubarak’s armed forces’ supported by the West waged a battle against Islamist forces in Egypt that strove to implement Sharia.

He scorned the Supreme Constitutional Court, labelling it a ‘secular’ court.

Al-Zawahiri blamed Islamists for the current political situation, accusing them of praising the armed forces after the revolution and submitting to secular law.” Read more.

Al-Qaeda Vows To Rescue Muslim…

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