Netanyahu: EU challenge the borders of Israel

News that matters

“We Will Not Accept any Outside Dictates about Our Borders”.

Responding to the EU’s intention to add conditions on contacts with Israel in the future, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday:

“As the Prime Minister of Israel, I will not allow the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria, on the Golan Heights and in Jerusalem, our united capital, to be harmed. We will not accept any outside dictates about our borders. This issue will be decided only in direct negotiations between the sides.”

Source: The Prime Minister of Israel

My comment:

Yesterday, I called the last move by EU for a return to Nazism. That might sound to dramatic, and not in line with realities.

But, when you reflect on this issue, you will see the clear similarity between the present EU-regime and Hitler. The message is:  Today’s borders that protects the Jews, needs…

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