But for the Grace of God, Go I


1016870_10151473088035047_1170660494_n click here to sign a petition to stop the abuse in Egypt.

When you lay down tonight or rise in the morning to say your prayers and make your requests to God-remember our brothers and sisters who truly know what it means to “take up their cross daily” and know that following Jesus just may be their death sentence or sentencing their children to rape, torture and unspeakable horrors. Say a heartfelt “Thanks” that you are not in such a position; that though this country is going downhill at lightening speed, you do not have to face the nightmares that the persecuted around the world do.

If you read my blog and you ARE one of the persecuted (I have readers from Pakistan, India, UAE, Malaysia, Brazil, and others), please know that you have God’s family in other parts of the world that are praying for you….we pray you may have strength. We pray for you to have a peace in your spirit that only Christ can provide. We pray that you keep an eye on eternity, knowing that your momentary troubles are nothing compared to the glory that awaits you.  Bless you and Christ be with you!

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