Don’t Write the Bible Off

Christianity Matters

Francis Schaeffer

I am convinced we don’t read the Bible because we think its irrelevant. We believe it doesn’t answer the questions we are asking.

Francis Schaeffer, arguable one of the 20th centuries greatest Christian philosophers, doesn’t agree. He believes the Bible is just as relevant today as when it was first written. At a turning point in his life, he turned to God’s Word and found it answered the questions he was asking. Questions his liberally minded church weren’t answering. Here is how his biographer puts it:

As he read [Greek philosophy] he had a growing sense that he was gaining more questions but no answers. This awareness was reinforced when he realized that he experienced a similar situation in his church, which he later realized was influenced by theological liberalism…What he was getting in his church was a constant questioning, but no answers to the issues of life…

Having tasted…

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