Iran gets ready to send nukes to America

News that matters

Iran has built a new rocket launch site which is likely to be used for testing ballistic missiles.

This is according to military analysts publishing satellite images of the structure.

A picture of the base taken last month and published by IHS Jane’s Military and Security Assessments shows a 23m tall launch tower sitting on a launch pad, together with a 125m long exhaust deflector.

Analysts said the unfinished site 25 miles southeast of Shahrud has no storage for the liquid rocket fuel used in the Iranian space program, suggesting it is built for ballistic missiles using solid fuel.

Source: The Telegraph, UK.

My comment:

It is a dangerous delusion, and a terrible deception, to believe that it is possible to contain a nuclear armed Iran.

The Ayatollah is daily criticized by his demon-“god”, for not being able to bring into the World the lost 12th Imam, the Mahdi.

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