Willow Creek takes you back home to Rome

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Now people visiting Rome will ask, where was the Apostle Peter imprisoned and buried.

These are the words of pastor Andy Stanley in the Willow Creek movement. He spoke to church leaders during the last session of the Global Ledership Summit on Friday.

Stanley wondered aloud, in front of the audience of about 75,000 people watching from sites all across America, if Paul could have imagined on the way to his execution that one day the Roman Empire would fall but Christianity would remain.

Could he have imagined, Stanley asked, that people would travel to Rome and ask not where the ancient emperors are buried, but ask where he was imprisoned and where the Apostle Peter is buried? Or did he wonder if the church would be “snuffed out” like his own life would soon be?

Stanley then took a moment to address discouraged church leaders, and reminded them that…

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