A Look at Creation: Zipper Spider

We interrupt our expose on the RCC to bring you a home-grown look at one of God’s creatures: the black and yellow garden spider, aka “zipper” spider. It gets its name from the zig zag pattern in the center of its web.  We spotted 7 (yes, seven) of these fellas along our front porch.  They are harmless to humans but helpful in pest control, so we left them alone…..after we picked at one a little bit to see it do its thing: shake its web. Below is our video. Below that is another much more fascinating video on these long-legged buggies.

Bad Moon Rising: Christians Are Being Slaughtered By Islamists All Over The World

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Acts 14:22, “… continue in the faith … we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”

By Archbishop Cranmer via AINA, “In April 1996, Pope John Paul II attacked the intransigence of ‘followers of other religions’ who were persecuting Christians. He didn’t specify Islam, but everyone know who he meant.

In his Easter message Urbi et Orbi, he said Christians in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe had ‘legitimate aspirations’ to jobs, housing, social justice and religious freedom which were ‘hindered’ by other faiths. The Times continued: ‘The Pope recently condemned Islamic persecution of Christians in Sudan and will travel to Tunisia next weekend to plead for Islamic tolerance and Islamic-Christian dialogue.’

Nothing has really changed in almost 20 years. Indeed, the situation for Christians in these regions has actually become an awful lot worse.

The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, for example, Pope Tawadros II…

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