All anti-Zionists will united to fight Israel

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in Egypt on the first trip by an Iranian president since the 1979 revolution.

First published 4th of February, 2013.

President Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood politician elected in June, kissed Mr Ahmadinejad as he disembarked from his plane at Cairo airport. The leaders walked down a red carpet, Mr Ahmadinejad smiling as he greeted waiting dignitaries.

Visiting Cairo to attend an Islamic summit that begins today, the president of the Shi’ite Islamist republic was due to meet the grand sheikh of al Azhar, one of the oldest seats of learning in the Sunni world.

Such a visit would have been unthinkable during the rule of Hosni Mubarak, the autocrat who preserved Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel during his 30 years in power and deepened ties between Cairo and the West.

Mr Ahmadinejad said in an interview with Al Mayadeen, a Beirut-based TV station, on the…

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“Freedom movement” in Egypt wants new war with Israel

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Egyptian Tamarod movement seeks to reverse peace deal with Israel, and to reject US aid.

Grassroots movement Tamarod (rebellion), which facilitated Mohammed Morsi’s ouster, spearheads initiative to reject U.S. aid, sever ties with Israel • Muslim Brotherhood floats new accusation: Defense Minister Sissi is actually a Jew, servant of Zionists.

After the Muslim Brotherhood made sure not to overturn Egypt’s peace deal with Israel during their term in power, it is now a liberal group that has begun collecting signatures in efforts to rescind the agreement.

The phenomenon may have been dismissed as minor if it were not spearheaded by the Tamarod (rebellion) movement — a grassroots movement to register opposition to now-deposed president Mohammed Morsi and force him to call early elections. The movement helped launch the July 2013 protests in Egypt, preceding the consequent military coup that saw Morsi deposed and imprisoned.

The demand to sever ties with…

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