Opposition says as many as 1,300 killed in gas attack near Damascus

The Extinction Protocol

August 21, 2013SYRIASyria’s opposition accused President Bashar al-Assad’s forces of gassing many hundreds of people – by one report as many as 1,300 – on Wednesday in what would, if confirmed, be the world’s worst chemical weapons attack in decades. Western and regional countries called for U.N. chemical weapons investigators – who arrived in Damascus just three days ago – to be urgently dispatched to the scene of one of the deadliest incidents of the two-year-old civil war. Images, including some taken by freelance photographers and supplied to Reuters, showed scores of bodies including of small children, laid out on the floor of a clinic with no visible signs of injuries. Reuters was not independently able to verify the cause of their death. The Syrian government denied that it had used chemical arms. George Sabra, one of the leading opponents of Assad, said the death toll…

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“Papa, why all of this activity in FEMA REGION III?”

“Well, it might be they think something really big is coming, you know, like a major EARTH CHANGE EVENT or something. Who knows why mankind does what it does? IT seems to be beyond me, even – like why do they choose death over life?”

Connecting the Dots –

Is Comet Ison’s approach in October-November-December related in any way to the activity of Homeland Security and FEMA region III? And is all of this related in any way to John Kerry and the Peace Accord confirmation they are after, that would force Israel back to her 1967 borders and re-divide Jerusalem, and possibly give up the temple mount, or give control over the Temple Mount to the Pope, which has expressed great interest in controlling things over there? And then is all of this related to the April 11th and…

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