Amid Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, Signs of Compromise over Jerusalem

Ilene Prusher / Jerusalem 6 hours ago

A member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government created something of a stir this week when he could not foresee any peace agreement with the Palestinians that wouldn’t include Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state, as well as of Israel.


Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel: army

Four rockets were fired on Israel Thursday, the army said, adding that two hit civilian areas causing no casualties while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed retaliation.

Lebanese security sources said unknown gunmen fired the rockets from the southern port of Tyre into northern Israel while an Al-Qaeda-linked group claimed responsibility for the attack.


Fear of new showdown on Egypt streets in ‘Friday of martyrs’

By Lin Noueihed and Maggie Fick

CAIRO (Reuters) – Supporters of Egypt’s deposed president will stage a “Friday of martyrs” of mass protests, risking more potential bloodshed to show they can still claim the streets after a week in which hundreds were gunned down and their leaders jailed.