Catholics dress a corpse for the feast

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A Catholic cardinal dress up the corpse of John Neumann for his feast. The “saint” with a mask departed in 1860.

Roman Catholic priest John Neumann has been dead for 151 years. His skeleton is kept for display under the altar of his shrine inside Saint Peter of the Apostle Church, Philadelphia US.

Just before one of the feast of John Neumann, held on January 5th, Cardinal Justin Rigali was given task to overlook the change his vestments. The priest opened the “saints” casket, and exchanged the episcopal garb.

This is what the cardinal said, recorded by a blogger:

 “We have a great model of holiness in St. John Neumann and it was thought it would be good if we could put him in new vestments, also vestments that could reflect the period during which he was actually a bishop and in which he lived and died,” the Cardinal…

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