False Flag for America?

By the Blood of the Lamb

Commentary by Watchman73:

Watching the world on the brink of war and chaos, I have to wonder what will be the “trigger” event, and when will it occur? One can only speculate, but I have the feeling that we are closer now than ever.

I know from the past that public opinion does not matter when it comes to the new world order agenda, i.e. the bailouts/Obamacare. That being said however, it does make it much easier to wage a new war with the country’s support. The problem for the globalists is how to get the American people to agree to start another war. Think 911. You terrify the public, then appeal to their patriotism in order to achieve the strategic military position you first desired. It’s basic PROBLEM ~ REACTION ~ SOLUTION, also referred to as Order out of Chaos.

Am I saying there will be a…

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