Night Sky Turned To Day: Police Dashcam Captures Bright Fireball In Northern Alberta, Canada

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By Cailynn Klingbeil, Edmonton Journal – “A patrol camera mounted inside an RCMP officer’s vehicle caught a fireball streaking across the night Prairie sky north of Manning.

Const. Josh Stachow was responding to reports of a vehicle that hit a black bear Saturday night with Const. Kyle Ash on Highway 35 near the hamlet of Hawk Hills, 20 kilometres north of Manning.

Shortly after 9:30 p.m., the night sky turned to day, Stachow said.

‘It started getting brighter and brighter, and all of a sudden, a huge meteor came streaking across the sky,’ he said. ‘For a moment there, I had no idea what was happening.’

The officer’s patrol camera captured the fireball as it streaked toward the horizon. RCMP released a video clip of the sighting Wednesday.” Read more.

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