Swarms of hornets kill 42 people, injure hundreds in northwest China

The Extinction Protocol

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October 3, 2013CHINA A rash of deadly hornet attacks in northwestern China has killed 42 people and injured more than 1,600, local officials said Thursday. The attacks began in July and have centered on three cities in China’s Shaanxi province: Ankang, Hanzhong and Shangluo. Local authorities believe a particularly venomous species, known as the Asian giant hornet, is behind the attacks. They say the hornets, which can grow up to 2 inches long, are most active in September and October, when they breed and migrate. But experts quoted by the state-run New China News Agency offered different reasons for the unusual number of attacks this year. Huang Rongyao, an insect control expert in the worst-hit city, Ankang, said increased vegetation growth was attracting hornets to the area while warmer than usual temperatures were making the insects more active. Hua Baozhen, a professor of entomology at Northwest Agriculture…

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Prominent Saudia Arabian Mufti Calls For Destruction Of All Christian Churches On Arabian Peninsula

We Wrestle Not With Flesh and Blood



This is the equivalent of Cardinal Dolan calling on Catholics to burn every mosquein America to the ground. Where’s the coverage? Where is the repudiation from the entire moderate Muslim world? Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah has once again called for the destruction of all Churches on the Arabian Peninsula. Bin Abdullah, head of the Ulema Council and the Standing Committee on Fatwas, made this statement after a presentation by the Kuwaiti parliamentarian Osama Al-Munawer of the bill that bans construction of new non-Muslim religious buildings in Kuwait. The Mufti stated that, according to Islamic law, all churches in the region must be demolished; i.e., Islam is the only legal religion here. The words of Muhammad that “there cannot be two religions on the Arabian peninsula” the head of the Sunni always interprets in favor of Islam. Not long ago, owing to the consecration of a…

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Hello! McFly!

Remember that line from Back to the Future? Biff pokes George in the forehead while sneering that line. I always wished George would reach up and snap that finger in two. But that’s just a reflection of my sweet personality.

That line has been going through my mind a lot lately.  I feel like poking this country in the head and shouting “Hello! Wake UP!”.

It is difficult to share the Truth with those who have never heard it because we must ALSO share it with those who warm the church pews!

In my personal dealings with people, either online or in person, I am finding that most fall into one of two camps. In one camp, people are SCARED. They read the news, look around. They can tell the world’s situation is extreme and something big and scary is about to happen. In the other camp, people are busily digging holes in the ground in which to stick their heads. They know things are crazy but would rather not think about it. They tell those in the first camp to “not worry about it” and that “everything will work out okay”…because it always has, right? The government is still our friend, still has our best interests at heart and America is still made up of good, hard working, God-fearing people.

Well, if you are not a born-again follower of Jesus Christ you should be SCARED. You should be terrified. Don’t think that just simply acknowledging you “believe in God” is gonna cut it. Neither is warming a pew each week.  Because you say you are a Christian, doesn’t make it so. I can say I am a kangaroo, but that doesn’t make me one. I am not a kangaroo unless I am born a kangaroo. I am not a Christian unless I am born-again into Christ. This means leaving behind selfish, fleshly desires. Repenting of sin. Accepting Jesus’ atoning blood and turning away from the ways of the world. Surrendering your will for His.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, my friends. I guarantee it. In fact, you may not live through it. What is it going to take to get your attention? Forget what they say on the news. They are all paid-for mouthpieces spouting man’s counterfeit wisdom. True wisdom, True Peace can be found in the Word of God. The Holy Bible. Read it. Devour it. It lights the Way to understanding, wisdom and peace.