Israel desperately tries to secure their capital

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If a new law is passed through Knesset, Jerusalem can not be divided without a two-third majority vote.  

The Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved Sunday a bill proposed by MK Yakov Litzman (United Torah Judaism) stating that the government cannot conduct negotiations with a foreign entity about the division of Jerusalem or its partial relinquishment without receiving the approval of 80 Knesset members — two-thirds of the legislature.

The explanatory portion of the bill states: “Jerusalem is a city that was reunited. It will not be divided and no part of it will be handed over to anyone. Jerusalem’s sanctity was not given to outsiders. This bill prevents the possibility that at any stage in any political process there will be a discussion about the status of the city of Jerusalem, the joy of the people in Israel. Due to past incidents in which there were talks about giving…

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Fifth earthquake in six days rattles northern Israel

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October 22, 2013ISRAELA small earthquake shook the Sea of Galilee area on Tuesday morning, the fifth such tremor in less than a week. The quake, measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale, caused no reported damage or injuries. On Sunday, two minor earthquakes, both measuring 3.6 in intensity, were reported in the north, which followed similar quakes on Saturday and Thursday. No injuries have been reported, although some buildings in Tiberias were lightly damaged by the tremors. Last Sunday, a 6.4-magnitude quake, centered in the Mediterranean Sea near Crete, was felt in Athens, Egypt and Israel. And in September, an early-morning 3.5-magnitude quake was felt in the northern Dead Sea area, including in Jerusalem. In response to the string of temblors, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a special cabinet meeting Monday to discuss the state’s earthquake preparedness, and, on Sunday, the Home Front Command and emergency services…

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