Dear brother Stewart.. Here is a dream a dear sister had in 2008 concerning Obama care…way before even the second election.. IS IT TRUE?????? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.. But I WOULD VENTURE TO SAY IT IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY!!!!!!!..In October 2008 I had the following dream:

I saw the Election in November 2008 and I saw that McCain was running but he would not be elected, I also saw Hillary Clinton running for President. The End Result was that Obama was elected and that he won the Presidency and it was a Historical moment in time. I not only saw him win this election but he also won a second term in the future 2012.

In this dream I watched Obama get on TV, it was in the future not 2008, I felt it was 2012. He went on all TV stations stating that his Obama care plan would…

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