Our Mcafee days are numbered. My sanity already moved!

It has been a busy few days.

You may recall we are moving. It is just one county over, but moving is moving right? After literally months of not knowing if we were going to move or stay put, now that the house has been purchased it has been full steam ahead.

We are moving to an old farmhouse. The core of the home was built in the 20s with additions added in the sixties. It sat vacant for a few months. We’ve ripped up old carpet, put down new floors, painted and of course scrubbed. Well, to be honest my dad and helpful friends and family have done the bulk of the work.

The “new” house is looking great, the “old” one…not so much! I am amazed at how much stuff we actually have and feel overwhelmed with the organizing, sorting, and decision of what to keep or toss.

I’m just glad when I move from this world, to Jesus’ kingdom, I won’t have to pack!

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