This Is The Time, This Is The Hour

This Is The Time; This Is The Hour

The Lord our God will say to us To not limit what He can do, For He is a God of the unlimited, There’s nothing He can’t do through you

For God is doing a new thing In our lives, today, this hour To raise us up to be His army, Clothing us with His power

Remember not the former things, The things that are in the past Behold, He is doing a new thing And will capture human hearts

It’s time now to go out and gather In the harvest of the Lord, For there are many whose souls are ready More than we’ve known before

So take His light into those places Of darkness and misery, That they may know the God of love To give hope and a destiny

Then they may shine right where they are So others may come to the light And they in turn may come to know The saving grace of Christ

Then Jesus’ light may radiate there Like a beacon in the night, No longer groping in the darkness, But shining forth God’s light

May the spirit of God arise in you And empower you much more So His glory may be seen with you As you proclaim the risen Lord

© By M.S.Lowndes

Strangers in a Strange Land…. Just Riding It Out?

That’s basically the way it seems for American born-again followers of Jesus Christ.  This country that most of us grew up loving, is now unrecognizable. What has happened to the American spirit? That pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, “get-r-done” attitude that could swell your chest with pride? Where did the God-fearing, justice-seeking, defenders of the weak disappear to? The hard workers have been replaced by the hardly working, for a number of reasons. We could speculate all day, the answers to these questions. The fact remains.

That America is gone.

Sure, this has never been a perfect country, governed by perfect people. But once upon a time, traits like integrity and honor were pursued and protected….valued.

It is sad, really. I once thought that the reason America was not mentioned in Bible prophecy was because the majority of her population was going to be raptured, thus, there would be no America left. Obviously, that isn’t so. Instead, America is dying a slow, painful death at the hands of its leaders and her people are allowing it because they are too preoccupied with living their “best life now”. The cancer that has infected America has reached stage 4 and it is now only a matter of short, precious time.

Some believe we could still have a great revival. I ask, who will lead this revival? Who will attend? Sure, there may be another national tragedy (we can count on it) and many people may rush to the churches for comfort and answers….but what will they receive, really? A bunch of the false teachings that are currently plaguing our mainline churches? No one wants to hear they must REPENT, turn away from their SIN and embrace it NO MORE. No one wants to be told that Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer and that sometimes we must take up our cross to follow Him. That is too intolerant, not to mention a bit whacky and a lot inconvenient! Die to self? Are you kidding?

Still, I (as are many of you) am deeply saddened at the direction in which this country is headed. I am so sad that our commander-in-chief is such a dishonest, disloyal, egotistic traitor that it is actually quite mind-boggling. Some, like my dad, are having an extremely difficult time processing that this government is so twisted and demonic that not a single one has the best interest of the American people at heart. At least no one who could actually DO anything about it. And my Dad didn’t vote Obama, either time. I know there are some, few as they may be, that did vote him in and are gnashing their teeth in regret.

What gets me is his obvious determination to destroy this country’s sovereignty-preparing it for the NWO of course-and his in-your-face, no apologies granted, dishonesty. In fact, dishonesty seems too gentle a word for the liar.

The latest outrage, as you know, is this deal with Iran. There should be no deal to be begin with! One doesn’t make deals with someone who has vehemently declared, more than once, that they want you annihilated. Israel understands this. Thing is, Israel has the protective hand of Almighty God whereas America can expect the judgment of the Almighty. I find it extremely difficult to believe that BO is so dim-witted as to actually think this Geneva Agreement is going to stop Iran. And, as can be expected, we’ve already learned that we were not given the full truth of the agreement. Apparently, the details-even the ones outlined in the so-called fact sheet-have not been ironed out yet. Hogwash. I don’t believe for one minute that BO gives a hoot about Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Nor is he committed to the safety of Israel. Lies, all of it.

As discouraging-and maddening-as this all is, we must keep one thing in mind:

The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord,
Like the rivers of water;
He turns it wherever He wishes. Proverbs 21:1

This is not to say that BO, or any other leader throughout history, are without free-will. He doesn’t make someone evil. He knows that they are evil, by their own will, and thus uses them accordingly. His understanding of a man’s heart and the path chosen by man cannot be comprehended by our fallible minds.

As reprehensible as BO seems, there will be another who is far worse. I believe he is already waiting off stage, preparing for his moment in the spotlight. He will be even more deceitful, conniving and manipulative. He’ll charm you into selling your very soul. If you don’t fall for his charms, he’ll just chop off your head. How’s that for intolerant and inconvenient?

Don’t be here to meet him. Accept Jesus as Lord, He is the only path to salvation and the Author of peace which surpasses all understanding.