The grand betrayal of Israel and rebellion against God

News that matters

The Arabs and Kerry blame Israel for unwillingness or inability to delineate final-status borders at the root of the problem.

OP-ED in Israel Hayom, by Ruthie Blum

On the heels of the disastrous deal with Iran that could not have been achieved without Western appeasement and capitulation, Kerry’s current visit is especially significant. What he has come to do is spread the gospel of weakness to the Israeli government that has worked so well for the U.S. and Europe: giving a mortal enemy whatever it wants and getting nothing in exchange. Well, other than an escalated threat, that is.

No stranger to this kind of policy and its repercussions, Israeli officialdom was devastated by the news of the accord that provides Tehran with just the leeway it needs to complete its nuclear program. And none of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s international appeals to prevent the deal from going through proved…

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