Kerry backed by anti-Zionist winds in Israel

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Hours before Kerry arrives in Israel new poll suggests solid majority of Israelis, Palestinians back two-state solution. ‬‬

A poll suggests a majority of Israelis and Palestinians supports the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, but remains suspicious of the other side.

The survey was released Wednesday, hours before US Secretary of State John Kerry’s return to the region. Kerry is trying to forge agreement on the outlines of a peace deal, but gaps remain.

In the poll, 63 per cent of 601 Israelis and 53 per cent of 1,270 Palestinians surveyed said they back a two-state solution. Support dropped to 54 per cent and 46 per cent, respectively, when respondents were asked about specifics of a two-state deal.

During his tenth round of Mideast shuttle diplomacy, US Secretary of State John Kerry will try to get Israel and the Palestinians to agree to the outlines of a final…

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