The Death of Ariel Sharon-What could it mean?

Former Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon has died at the age of 85, after spending years in a comatose state brought on by a stroke.

You may recall the recent buzz about the prophecy of an old rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri. Kaduri claimed to have been visited by the Messiah in a dream/vision.  One year after Kaduri’s death, he revealed in a letter that the Messiah is Jesus Christ.  He also said that Jesus told him in his vision that after the death of Sharon, He would come to earth.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it? I’d be chomping at the bit except for one thing:

I don’t believe for a second that Jesus visited the old man.

On the contrary, I believe it was satan masquerading as the Lord.  How can I be sure? Well, let’s take a look at what Kaduri said about the Messiah, as revealed to him in the vision:

First he said the messiah will reveal himself by not even realizing that he himself is the messiah at first. Um, big sign Kaduri is not talking about Jesus because Jesus knows exactly who He is.

Secondly, he said that the soul of the messiah will attach himself to someone already in Israel. Big sign number two! Jesus does not, will not, attach himself, or indwell a human being. (We’re not talking about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in believers). satan, however, WILL indwell a human being, the antichrist.

It would be just like satan to masquerade as “an angel of light” and claim to be Jesus. How easy it would be for him to convince this respected rabbi that he was visited by the messiah, Jesus, and that he would come to earth to save his people shortly after Sharon’s death. Then, when anti-christ makes the peace covenant Jews will remember the rabbi’s prophecy and some will be convinced that the anti-christ is the Messiah for whom they’ve been waiting so long. How easily he could also convince immature, unknowledgeable Christians that he is “Jesus”.  satan hates mankind, especially the Jews, with a passion and will do and say whatever necessary to deceive as many people as possible. He also wants to be worshipped as God, so I doubt he’d care if some gullible people mistook him for his most hated adversary, Jesus Christ. Oh the lies that he will spew forth!

Remember, we are warned in 1 John 4: 1 to test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Just because one may have a vision or dream and be visited by what appears to be a heavenly being, does not mean it is from God. God has given us His Word. He has revealed all we need to know to rightly divide the word of truth.  satan, however, knows his time is short and is desperate to deceive as many people as he can. So far, he is doing a pretty good job.

Do not be deceived, dear readers. Jesus Christ IS coming back, but not before there is a tribulation upon this earth so terrible He must stop it or all of mankind would perish. But, you don’t have to be here for that. I won’t be. The wheels are in motion, sand is falling swiftly through the hour glass, are you ready?

Hat tip to Cynthia Nuara, whose article motivated me to add my two cents:

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