“Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive”

If you haven’t yet discovered Kenneth’s blog, now’s your chance. Follow along as he blogs about the folks he meets while journeying on a worldwide tour of coffee shops. First stop, Costa Rica.

Culture Monk

Meet Barbara

by Kenneth Justice

~“My husband had open heart surgery in 1985….he lived another 16 years” she said

I arrived to the Airport early today for my flight and found the only sit-down café in the terminal….the place was eerily quiet…I was the only customer. I asked the Barista if it was difficult having to work on slow days like this and the next thing I knew she had come over to my table and we began talking for the better part of an hour.

Born in Michigan she moved to Georgia 30 years ago when she found her ‘true love’. It sounds like she was very much in love with her husband because each time she mentioned him…her eyes got a little bit glassy. “Today, January 12th is actually the anniversary of his death” she said, “He died in 2001”.

When I asked her…

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