What then shall we do?

We have brothers and sisters in Christ dying every day for their faith. I consider the Christians in Pakistan and other highly persecuted places and cannot help but wonder: why? Not why they are persecuted, but why aren’t I? I mean sure, being a Christian in America isn’t what it used to be. We are called names, shunned, made fun of, sued for our beliefs, but very few of us are actually killed for it. We do not live in danger, like Christians in other parts of the world do.

So then I have to ask, since we’ve been blessed to live in general safety (thus far), what is God’s purpose for this?  What, then, should we be doing? Is there anything we can do for our persecuted brothers and sisters? We have it “so good” here in the U.S., are we taking advantage of that?

It seems many of us are not. We sneeze one time and decide we couldn’t possibly make it to church that day. Oh, but if I send my child to youth group on Wednesday night, he’ll miss soccer practice and won’t be able to play on Saturday. The Super Bowl is on tonight so we better cancel services. The minister has gone over ten minutes, someone needs to have a talk with him about that. Boo-hoo. Puhleez.

There is nothing wrong per se in enjoying football or other activities, but when it takes precedent over serving the Lord……

Meanwhile, we have those in Africa and the middle east who go to church services knowing full well they may not make it home alive. More likely, their building will be burned down while they sit in it or demon-filled hoodlums will come in wielding their machetes and chop them up. This is the reality of so many who choose to follow Christ. When they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they are very much aware they may be signing their own death sentence. Yet the rate of conversion to Christianity grows!

So then maybe, just MAYBE, we should get off our lazy patooties! Maybe we should be on our knees praying for those persecuted and thanking God we do not have to worry about our children being stolen and traded or killed. Maybe we should ask Him what we can do to advance His Kingdom. Maybe we should be proclaiming the gospel to every lost soul we encounter. Maybe we should wake up and get busy doing what we can, while we can.

EXPOSING Satanic 2014 Grammy Awards and a STRONG WARNING from the Lord!

I cannot determine if she believes in the pre-trib rapture, but she is obviously very passionate and most of what she says is true. Watch with discretion, as there several minutes devoted to performances from the Grammys.

*Update! After stopping by Ms. Fuentes’ website, it is clear she does not believe in the pre-trib rapture. I deeply disagree with her on this issue. The video, however, is still helpful in getting the word out that time is running out and the days are evil.