Pre-Trib Rapture/Falling Away (video)

He makes an interesting statement about the verse in 2 Thessalonians 2 which talks about the day of the Lord will not come until there is first a falling away and that man of sin is revealed.  We all know that the Greek word used for “falling away” is apostasia, from which most of us get the word apostasy. He points out that this word can be translated in two different ways. One, as we know it to mean, the falling away from the faith or departure from the faith. Two, simply as a departure. He suggests that when a passage has two possible meanings, as closely related as they are in this passage, it is SOP to assume God means BOTH interpretations. That is interesting. This verse could mean that the tribulation will not begin before there is BOTH a falling away from the faith and a “great departure”, meaning the rapture, and then of course the anti Christ is revealed. He suggests the falling away may happen in large part BECAUSE of the rapture. I am wondering if both don’t happen basically simultaneously. If so, then that makes the rapture even more imminent, if that is possible.

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