Yes, of course a business owner should have the right to refuse service to gay people

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gay bill

We critics of modern society tend to run into a problem very similar to the one you encounter when you go to a bar with 27 different beers on tap.

Sometimes, we just don’t know where to begin.

That’s how I feel when I read about the progressives working themselves into a lather over that religious freedom bill in Arizona. The legislation simply solidifies a business owner’s right to act according to his or her religious beliefs (I say “further solidifies” because the First Amendment already covers this ground pretty thoroughly). “News” outlets like CNN, engaging in blatant editorializing (surprise!), refer to it as “the anti-gay bill,” because part of religious freedom is the right to not participate in activities which you find mortally sinful.

It’s not that business owners want to “refuse service” to gays simply because they’re gay; it’s that some business owners — particularly people who work in the wedding industry…

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Imminent Danger and Dead Fish By Daymond Duck

Imminent Danger and Dead Fish By Daymond Duck

I recently received an e-mail from a man (name withheld) who wrote:

The trouble with America is that there are so many Muslims in high positions and they are given a free hand to control so many aspects of American society, including influencing the negative treatment of Jews. Americans are still oblivious of the imminent dangers ahead. . . But Americans voted for a Muslim president so Americans will get what they ask for.

The Muslim threat to America has been around for awhile, but it seems to me that it greatly accelerated when the Democratic Party deliberately did not vet, and then nominated Barack Hussein Obama for President of the U.S.

Among other things, this man is the son of a Kenyan Marxist, he followed the tactics of a well-known American born radical named, Saul Alinski; he had used at least five different names or aliases; he had used a stolen social security number, a forged birth certificate and a forged selective service card; he had admitted he used marijuana. He sat under a preacher who proclaimed that America should be damned by God, and found no wrong in it. Continue


Ukrainian president has fled the capital. Protestors seize control of Kiev. What will Moscow do?

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Ukraine's pro-Putin President, Viktor F. Yanukovych, has fled the capital of Kiev. Ukraine’s pro-Putin President, Viktor F. Yanukovych, has fled the capital of Kiev.

(Washington, D.C.) — In a rapidly moving story, the president of Ukraine has fled the capital overnight, and protestors have stormed the government buildings and now appear to have seized control the center of Kiev.

It’s a dramatic turn of events in a week plagued by terrible violence and hundreds of casualties. But many questions remain. Is this the end of the story? Is the Putin-backed government collapsing? Will the opposition forces succeed? Or is the regime regrouping and preparing to mount a more ferocious assault on the protestors?

Most ominously, will Russia intervene militarily, especially if Ukraine splits?

President Obama called Russian President Putin on Friday in hopes of persuading the Kremlin to support the E.U.-negotiated truce, but Moscow’s intentions remain unclear at the moment.

CNN is reporting that “Ukraine’s plans to tap Russia for $2 billion…

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This is what happens when perverts write elementary school text books

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[WARNING: this post contains some graphic content. Blame the schools for this. Don’t shoot the messenger.]

Neighbors, friends, fellow citizens: listen to my plea. We must find some common ground. We must be a country again; a people; a culture. Our civilization is doomed if we cannot search through the fog and the confusion and find in that mist some semblance of a thread to bind us all. We are supposedly a Union, are we not?

So let me make the first attempt. Let me prove that unity is possible, by pointing to just a few topics upon which all decent, civilized, rational people can agree.

Here we go:

1) Bacon is delicious. Bacon is a cultural phenomenon. Despite our differences, we all love bacon. It really seems like everyone is on the same page here… Except for the vegetarians, but they aren’t Americans, technically.

2) The Princess Bride is a fantastic film.

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