The Beginning of the Last of the Last Days: Part 2

Terry James Prophecy Line

There is a scent of endtime things in the air. The media seems to sense this odor that presages apocalypse, while the churches that name the name of Jesus Christ, for the most part, are apparently oblivious to the last days in which this generation, I’m convinced, finds itself. Or, as DR. Mark Hitchcock puts it, there seems to have been a shift of prophetic gears.

Until very recently, I got media inquiries and requests for interviews on a regular basis.  There has been a lull for some reason, as of late. But, I suspect the flood-gates will soon be opened prophetically, and the interview requests will come again in profusion. And, that is with good reason. Journalistic types –whether one agrees with them so far as world-view is concerned—must be given credit for having talented “news noses” for things that have happened, are happening, or seem about to happen. Again, there is…

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