Which False Flag Event Will Be Used to Usher In Martial Law?


It may not be a “false flag event” at all. My guess (and hope, to be perfectly honest) is that Jesus will come for His bride. The disappearance of all those people will be more than enough to usher in martial law. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


‘Israel, Prepare For Armageddon And Forget US Help’, Iranian Commander Says Irans Finger On Trigger To Destroy Israel, And Russia And Iran Sign Nuclear Deal.

I do not think Obama is “inept” at all. He knows precisely what he is doing. His NWO “handlers” is behind it all, having a grand time manipulating the puppet strings. The demonic “powers that be” want two things: world domination and the destruction of the Jews. They are juggling several scenarios in which these two things can happen.
Oh boy. If there was ever a time to look up, it is now!

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SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS:  Henry Schwart and entrepreneur said that Israel should be prepared for Armageddon. The video below is amazing because Henry sounds like he is talking about the Gog Magog upcoming event in the Bible. This should not surprise those who study the Bible. In a future Event Israel will be isolated as Iran and Russia advance to destroy her. Iran is seeking ways to wipe Israel off the face of the map. The threats that Israel endures on a daily basis from her enemies shows the evil intent of their hearts desire.  Can you imagine what would happen if Israel ever threatened Iran the way Israel is being threaten? There would be commendation from the two-face west and the world. Flying below the radar on news events is the deal Russia and Iran have made concerning nuclear power plants. You know the same…

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Breaking: “Barrage of at least 30 rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel.”

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MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS “Israeli communities near southern and northern Gaza have come under heavy rocket attack on Wednesday evening,” reports the Jerusalem Post. As of 1:30pm eastern, “the IDF said at least 30 rockets had been fired in the largest attack since 2012’s Operation Pillar of Defense. “

“Israel Radio reported that up to 55 rockets had been fired into Israel in the deluge of projectiles,” the Post noted. ” The Iron Dome rocket defense system shot down three of the rockets, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office.  The IDF fired artillery rounds at two terror infrastructure targets in response.”

The Post added: “Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, according to reports by Palestinian media. On Tuesday, the Israel Air Force struck an Islamic Jihad cell in southern Gaza, minutes after identifying it as being behind a mortar attack on  an IDF unit on the Gaza-Israel border….Islamic Jihad said the Israeli strike killed  three of its…

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