9 Photos of Israel near Gaza Border

Take a look at some gorgeous photos of the “land of milk and honey”…..near the Gaza border.

The Real Jerusalem Streets

I was in southern Israel.

image Israel, photo southern Israel , picture Israel

It was a beautiful day.

image Israel, southern Israel

The land so green

image Israel, south Israel photo

and the sky blue with amazing clouds.

image southern Israel, photo Israel

Jerusalem, Israel was wet and dark, but the south was post card perfect.

iamge south

Heavy rain the night before produced swimming pools, puddles and mud,

image south Israel, photo southern Israel

and wonderful wild flowers.

image animals Israel,

Flocks roamed and birds flew along the road.

image Israel near Gaza, road photo near Gaza

The views so spectacular that I took photo

image south under fire, photo Israel

after photo.

Then it started raining rockets from Gaza.

For two hours we stayed in a bomb shelter

before it was safe to drive home,

back to Jerusalem and the cold wet rain.

Wishing all a Shabbat shalom!

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