Creation Scientist Casts Doubt on Major Big Bang Announcement

While many scientists and researchers express excitement over what they believe to be landmark evidence of the Big Bang, Answers in Genesis, a Christian organization run by creationist Ken Ham, is casting doubt on the recent findings.

“This announcement undoubtedly will be welcomed as the long-sought proof of cosmic inflation so necessary to the big bang model,” wrote Dr. Danny Faulkner, a former astronomy professor who works for the organization. “Biblical creationists know from Scripture that the universe did not begin in a big bang billions of years ago.”

Faulkner went on to invoke the Bible in claiming that the world is much younger than mainstream science believes it to be, adding that he believes Genesis 1 shows that God made earth before the stars — an idea that he said isn’t compatible with the Big Bang theory. Continue Reading

Escalation: Another Region Seeks to Break Off and Join Russia


The Trans-Dniester region in Moldova is trying to break off and join Russia, the latest development in a series of events that have left Western leaders scrambling to respond.

The request from Russian loyalists in the Trans-Dniester region, which is recognized by the United Nations as part of Moldova and not an independent state, comes just one day after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to absorb Crimea.

Moldova’s President Nicolae Timofti responded to the request by warning that any attempt by the area to break off and join Russia would be a “mistake.”

“This is an illegal body which has taken no decision on inclusion into Russia,” Timofti said, according to Reuters. “If Russia makes a move to satisfy such proposals, it will be making a mistake.” Continue Reading


Satanic world events, the preparing for the “man of sin” – TomorrowLand – YouTube

I have seen and read a lot of disturbing things today. This is by far the MOST disturbing thing I have seen all week, perhaps, ever.
Brothers and Sisters, our time is very short…it must be.
NO! There are no “do overs” once you take the mark of the beast. You will have sold your soul to hell and there will be no refunds or exchanges.

Serve Him in the Waiting

Warning: Disturbing imagery!
Additional Warning: Pastor John McArthur is WRONG! Anyone who takes the mark of the beast will not be redeemed. See Revelation 14:9-11!

Satanic world events, the preparing for the “man of sin” – TomorrowLand – YouTube.

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Exclusive new poll: 72% of Americans see Putin as “clear and present danger” to U.S. and Israel. National Review publishes poll & column.

Be sure to click the link to read Rosenberg’s National Review Online article in its entirety.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

Vladimir Putin: a "clear and present danger"? Vladimir Putin: a “clear and present danger”?

(Washington, D.C.) — In preparing for the launch of The Auschwitz Escape, I contracted with a nationally-respected polling company to ask a series of questions that would help me better understand American attitudes towards the Holocaust, Israel, the Iranian nuclear threat, and the crises in Syria and Ukraine. The results were both fascinating and sobering.

In the days ahead, I will share all the results of this polling data with you. But given the crisis in Ukraine, I decided to begin by writing a column for National Review Online releasing the results of how Americans now perceive Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


By Joel C. Rosenberg

Who is Vladimir Putin, and what does he really want? Why exactly has he suddenly sent tens of thousands of heavily armed Russian troops into Crimea? Why did he invade Georgia in 2008? Why…

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» Common Core math education intentionally designed to make America’s children mentally ill

Seriously, it is as if they are deliberately training the average public school child to be incompetent so they will be dependent upon the government as adults. The only ones to receive an education that ensures leadership are those of the “elite”-so they can take the government reigns in the future. Why else would they be teaching this nonsense? The big question is: what can we do about it? I home school, but wonder for how much longer it will be legal for me to do so.

Serve Him in the Waiting

If you look around America today, mathematical mental illness is found everywhere. It’s found in the federal budget, where numbers only mean what we are told they mean, not what they really mean. Mental illness is also found in medicine, where mentally ill victims of mercury in vaccines viciously attack parents who seek to protect their children from those very same vaccines. It’s also found in the new “Common Core” curriculum, spearheaded by the federal government, which seems intentionally designed to make children mentally ill and as confused as possible.

Case in point: See this homework assignment from an elementary school in New York. The “mathematics” exercise instructs children to “Draw the cubes you colored in the number bond” and then “Show the hidden partners on your fingers to an adult.”

The final instruction asks students to “Color the fingers you showed.”

I do PhD-level work in analytical chemistry and…

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“Refused the flu shot” is what was written in large, bold letters at the top of my daughter’s (I call her Beauty) medical record the other day.

We’ve been taking her to Cincinnati’s Children Hospital for her check-up evaluations and screenings. When the nurse called us back, and before weighing her, she asked if Beauty had the flu shot. I said no. She asked, “Do you want us to give her one?”. I said, “Um, no thanks”. It was while the nurse was measuring Beauty’s height that I glimpsed at her file and saw the nurse’s note.

Perhaps I am knit-picking, and I admit I have little trust in the pediatric medical field (at least in what I have use of them for-which is not an actual illness), but this note really rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was where I was freshly aggravated at reading those stories of parents losing their children because a hospital accused them of medical negligence.

Beauty is 10 and has never had the flu shot and has never had the flu. Children we know get the shot every fall and they also get the flu before “flu season” is up. I never get the flu shot. Our son, 4, has never had it. Hubs just got one, but that is because he accepted a position at the hospital-sponsored health club and had to. We are physically healthy. Beauty was enrolled in public school for one entire school year plus two months of another. Our family was the sickest during those months than we have ever been, though not with anything serious. Since I brought her back home, we have not been sick once all winter.

Honestly, a small note saying something like, “Flu shot offered. Parent opted out”, would have be sufficient. The large, black handwriting at the top of the form, and underlined, hit a nerve. When you also home school a special needs child, one learns to be wary, even if you do everything properly.

Russian forces storm Ukraine naval HQ in Crimea – Yahoo News

Serve Him in the Waiting

By Aleksandar Vasovic and Gabriela Baczynska Related Stories Pro-Russian units take control of part of Ukraine naval base in Crimea: witnesses Reuters Ukraine, Russia agree brief Crimea truce, Kiev says AFP Crimeans set to vote in referendum to leave Ukraine for Russia Reuters Merkel raps Putin as Russian forces tighten grip on Crimea Reuters Crimeans vote over 90 percent to quit Ukraine for Russia Reuters

SEVASTOPOL/SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine (Reuters) – Russian troops and unarmed men stormed Ukraine’s naval headquarters in the Crimean port of Sevastopol on Wednesday and raised the Russian flag in a tense but peaceful takeover that signals Moscow’s intent to neutralize any armed opposition. Russian soldiers, and so-called “self-defense” units of mainly unarmed volunteers who are supporting them across the Black Sea peninsula, moved in early in the morning and quickly took control.

via Russian forces storm Ukraine naval HQ in Crimea – Yahoo News.

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