We All Know By Now

that Fred Phelps, leader of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church died today.

But, did you know this: Lawrence E. Walsh, Iran-contra special prosecutor, dies at 102. I know nothing about this man, other than what the article conveys, as I was too young and self-absorbed during the Iran-Contra ordeal to keep up with the news. I just thought you might want to know.


Russia is not finished by a long shot

The horses thing really is very interesting. Thanks!

Serve Him in the Waiting

America’s relationship with Egypt is not exactly warm and fuzzy in the wake of our having taken down Mubarak and installed the Muslim Brotherhood.  As such, Egypt is open at present, to doing business with Russia in arms and military cooperation.  Right now, Egypt is still at peace with Israel.  But Russia does big business with Iran in arms trade, and even though the “sanctions” put in place on Russia for the move to overtake Crimea are merely a slap on the wrist, Putin is already threatening to derail the nuclear talks with Iran, by not only refusing to add to the pressure, but to side with Iran altogether.  The international community knows that America under Obama, is not really standing by Israel right now, and Israel’s own defense minister has made it clear they cannot count on the U.S.  Reports this week indicate that Israel continues to prepare the IDF…

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