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I cannot stress enough how important it is we prepare for what is likely down the road. Stock up folks, we may need it. As Christians we know God will provide, but it is foolish-and let’s say it, bratty, to know trouble lies ahead and we shrug it off and not prepare. We may or may not be taken home before the U.S. falls. Trust God and remember sometimes He gives us enough warning to not be caught unawares.

Serve Him in the Waiting

I just finished reading an article about the Deep State (thanks Steve!), and it connects directly to what we are talking about. Unfortunately, the author (Prof Peter Dale Scott) has barely scratched the surface. But, his article is useful in that it gives the neophyte an introduction to the idea that there are events happening below the surface.

For those of you new to this idea, please consider the thought that… where there is one secret level of power… well, there are undoubtedly more. The ‘Deep State’ is just one of many, many levels that lie below the surface of current events.

I hope to talk about those ‘Deep State’ (and deeper than Deep State) elements as we work our way through this World War that is happening before our very eyes. And yes, it really is a World War, and one day, we will call it World War III.

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Serve Him in the Waiting

I briefly mentioned something yesterday called The Deep State. I had just finished reading an article on the idea before starting to write and was impressed by the timeliness of the subject. The events in Ukraine are not what they appear to be.

No, what’s going on is the workmanship of The Deep State.

So, what is this Deep State?

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Serve Him in the Waiting

As we watch what is happening in Ukraine and the rest of the world, you could be excused for thinking that this is all mindless insanity – that there is no rhyme or reason behind what is happening. And, on the surface, you would be completely correct. But, as I pointed out in my article, The Deep State, there are events and motivations that lie below the surface. However, when looking at what The Deep State is up to, the apparent insanity persists.

Why on Earth would the apparatchiks of the US State Department and the CIA involve themselves in a series of moves that can ONLY end in complete disaster?

Well, it’s very simple. There is a Deeper Than Deep State.

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