Palestine Symphony in Jerusalem

The Real Jerusalem Streets

The Palestine Symphony was founded in 1936,

and its first performances were in Tel Aviv.

These days there are plenty of cultural events in Jerusalem, Israel,

sometimes too many: I could be busy day and night.

Two Jerusalem women’s groups

joined together to sponsor a movie night as a fund raiser

for the educational institutions of AMIT and Emunah.

This year the movie was Orchestra of Exiles,

and it was so popular that there was an encore showing.

The Jews of Palestine in 1936 were thirsty for culture.

The Palestine Symphony was a huge success.

image Palestine, photo Palestine symphony, picture culture Palestine.

 The PA money machines are churning out cutsie videos

to rebrand Palestine and make up a cultural narrative.

The goal of The Real Jerusalem Streets is

 to be family friendly and apolitical.

But it is important to know history.

The Palestine Symphony musicians were all Jewish,

and was founded while the local Arabs were rioting from…

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