Ebola Still Spreading: Death Toll Now 86 And Fourth Country Now Seeing Cases



By Liz Bennett

86 people have now died in the current Ebola outbreak in Guinea. The disease has also been reported in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and now Mali is added to the list after three suspected cases were hospitalized. The government in Mali has reacted quickly and there are tight controls on people entering the capital city Bamako, which is the largest population centre in the country. They are using thermal imaging cameras which they hope will assist them in identifying people with a high temperature and/or fever.

Saudi Arabia has suspended visas for Muslim pilgrims from Guinea and Liberia and is expected to follow suit with other countries that confirm cases. Late last week Senegal closed its border with Guinea in the hope of halting the spread of disease.

International flights are still operating to all four of the countries and there is no sign of that stopping at…

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