So this is the question, we have been there before, we have seen all the cycles, the dates, the counts all add up – “this is it, get ready”, but will anything happen? Will this Friday, April 11th, slide right by us with nary a peep? It well could!! So what are the options left if nothing whatever takes place?

No one can deny that there is a STAR SIGN in the heavens of Feast Of Trumpets 2017 that APPEARS TO BE THE ONE PORTRAYED IN REVELATION 12:1 – for there is a group of 12 “stars” over her head, she is clothed with the Sun, and the moon is under her feet – and an alignment of key planets pointing directly to the moon and all on a very important time known as the LAST TRUMPET of the FEAST OF TRUMPETS, for this sign is at the CLOSE of…

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The Demonic at McDonald’s

This is highly disturbing. Warning: not for the faint of heart. Not too long ago we had the story of the woman who tried to drive herself and her children into the ocean. She claimed voices told her to and she thought she was actually protecting them by killing them. Now this. These stories are just a handful. The enemy and his cronies are indeed working overtime. We must be diligent in praying for these people. May Jesus deliver them. Truly, very disturbing.

Signs of the Times (4/8/14)

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‘God’s Not Dead’ Continues Impress Run at Box Office

Ending its third weekend on the big screen, God’s Not Dead continues to pack theaters across the country. The independent film produced by Freestyle Releasing earned $7.7 million over the weekend bringing its total to $33 million. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film about one Christian college student’s mission to defend his faith broke box office records by surpassing $11,000 per theater. The movie is about an atheist professor who attempts to convince students in a philosophy class that God does not exist. God’s Not Dead is on a long list of faith-based movies coming out of Hollywood this year.

Supreme Court Declines Appeal of Christian Photographers

The Supreme Court has turned down an appeal from a commercial photography business in New Mexico that objects to taking pictures of same-sex wedding ceremonies. The justices on Monday left in place a state…

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