Please continue to pray for us

and our daughter. Remember she has some special needs, and lately she has taken to sneaking out of the house in the early a.m. before anyone else is awake. Praise God her angels, who always see the Father’s face, have kept her safe and we have found her within minutes of her sneaking out. We already installed some extra locks which require a key (even on the windows), but somehow she still managed to get out this morning. God woke me up and we found her in my parents’ garage four houses down the road. Today we installed a temporary alarm system on her bedroom door that sounds in my bedroom when she opens her door-until we are able to install a more sophisticated house alarm. Remember when I said the doctor told me I sleep with my eyes open? Now we know why.

Obviously, we are all on edge but I pray continuously for her protection and for my husband and I to have wisdom in this situation and that I am able to stop any future attempts at a early morning stroll through the neighborhood. We live in a rural area but the road in front of our house is busy and utilized by people who seriously have no business driving, they go so fast. 

I covet your prayers.