Let’s be honest. Sometimes-most of the time-life is really hard. Even in America. Sure, they are first world problems but since this is all we’ve known-they are real problems to us. Sometimes all we want is for someone to step along beside us and say, “I understand. You are doing the best you can at this time. Keep at it.”

Jesus does this. Sometimes He carries us when we haven’t the energy to walk, like the poem says. Now is my time. I feel defeated and haven’t the energy to walk. Or talk. Or type. Things are really rough for me right now. With my daughter. With my mother. With Hubs. With myself. 

Ever since I was a child I have felt like a disappointment and/or guilty. I felt as I was always being punished, and was always at fault. I have tried to “prove myself” in different ways, this blog being one of them. I thought if I posted things that were important to me-mostly Biblical stuff-those critical people in my life would see what is important to me and understand me better. 

I was wrong.

Some people only want to point out our mistakes and twist our words and accuse us.

At this point, I have nothing more to say.

If I ever meant Maranatha before, I certainly mean it now.

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