‘Son of Sam’ Killer Converts to Christianity, Says ‘Jesus Has Freed My Soul, Has Forgiven Me’

Serve Him in the Waiting

I was 12 the summer of the David Berkowietz case, and my little brother was 8 or 9. I remember my Mom telling us they had caught the “Son of Sam” killer, and then my little brother piped up with “well, did they get that dog too?”. (‘Cuz, you know, that was a really bad dog that told him to kill all those children). It was a heinous crime, and if Mr. Berkowietz has indeed been saved, then I rejoice, but I have to admit every time I hear “Son of Sam”, I remember my baby brother’s concerned question that day and how it cracked me up, and I laugh all over again. I hope my Sam-dog doesn’t go bad like that. ~S.T.Lloyd

‘Son of Sam’ Killer Converts to Christianity, Says ‘Jesus Has Freed My Soul, Has Forgiven Me’.

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In What Do You Find Your Identity?

Christianity Matters


In what do you find your identity?  Your answer is important because your answer will inform your actions.

The Pharisees and Jesus

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees send their disciples along with the Herodians to trick Jesus. Approaching Jesus the group says,

Teacher, we know that you are true and teach the way of God truthfully, and you do not care about anyone’s opinion, for you are not swayed by appearances.” (Matt. 22:16b)

If you can’t tell, their flattering is false. Yet, there is some truth to it. Truth they are hoping to use against Jesus. Jesus is, as they say, unconcerned with the opinions of others. Jesus isn’t a politician who makes calculated political maneuvers or who holds back because of what other might think.

Jesus doesn’t do those things because Jesus doesn’t find His identity in the acceptance of others but in His relationship with the…

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