If there is one thing God has taught me

through this blog, it is to do my own research.  I don’t know how many times I have read an article or another blogger’s post and “assumed” it was legit only later to realize it was edited or misleading or only told “half-truths”. There is no such thing, by the way, as a half truth. There is truth and there is deception. It IS or it ISN’T. 

I apologize for any “rebloggings” I may have shared here that ended up being deceptive. Some times these deceptions are intentional on the part of the author, but most of the time they are just poorly researched.

I intend to do much more research before I pass a bit of news on to you, or even a video clip. Tonight I almost shared with you a video that had my jaw dropping but the Holy Spirit suggested I look into it further and when I did I found the clip used in the video was taken completely out of context-thus rendering the entire video FALSE.

Be careful out there folks. The enemy is roaming and takes on many forms.

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